Cleaning Tips

Swishh Cleaning of Hertfordshire

Oven Cleaning Tips: Scrape off burnt-on fat residue first. Dampened baking powder will work on slightly hardened grease. Leave overnight and check to see if the oven needs a second application.  You can use lemon or vinegar for stubborn stains but I recommend you use “Astonish”. Rub this on soiled surfaces then wipe off with damp cloth. It can, of course, be used all around your home. For oven trays I recommend you always spray with oven cleaner then place in a plastic sealed bag and leave for at least 60mins, preferably overnight.  Always remember to wipe spillages up before they harden – this will make your oven cleaning much speedier.

Vacuuming: Always empty out dirt and wipe out after each session; always rinse out filter after use as this will prolong the life of your appliance. Check for items such as coins in upholstery, for example under your three piece suite as this will prevent any blockage in hose and save you time. Remember to use the right attachment for smaller areas.

Dusting: Use vacuum attachment for fabrics such as curtains; use slightly damp “magic cloth” to remove dust from shelving but for ornaments I recommend using a paint brush. ­ Only dust cold lights, ­never warm bulbs. To prevent streaking always spray on cloth first, never on furniture or glass. Close blinds and dust from top downwards with damp “magic cloth” so all dust drops to sills or nearby for cleaning.

Floors: Vacuum or sweep all hard floors; this will remove all crumbs and hairs (human or pet).  If possible use a steam cleaner as this will kill any bacteria, especially important if you have little ones crawling about. If not possible wash with a mop and have second mop to dry for safety; always work from the furthest point and towards your body, and always rinse mops out after use.

Carpet Cleaning: You should vacuum the carpet first to ensure that no debris is left, and then check the type of stain so that the correct solution can be used.  Always lift spills with cold water to prevent sealing the stain. Pre-spray stains plus all traffic areas then leave for a good 10mins before lifting stains. Use a good carpet cleaner with rotating brushes that gets right into the pile. Try not to leave a carpet soaked with water – if done correctly it should be dry within the hour.

Cobwebs: Best option is to use extended feathered dusters to reach hard and awkward places. Alternatively I suggest using a broom with a damp clean cloth.

Ironing: Don’t use hard spin when washing items that need ironing: use water spray on cotton or linen or use the steam setting, if applicable. You will get fewer creases in your family’s clothes if you hang items on hanger. Always separate different fabrics and check washing labels first.